Ho Kay Gan Phases 2 and 3 Storm Drain and Roadway Improvements

Yavapai County

The Ho Kay Gan Area Drainage Master Study (ADMS) completed by Civiltec in 2015 identified storm drain and roadway improvements that were needed to improve the drainage system. Phase 1 of the improvements was constructed in 2018 and 2019. Read more about our work on the ADMS in this linked article. We have had a vested interest in this Yavapai County project and have been deeply familiar with the infrastructure in place not only completing the ADMS but also completing a drainage master study after the 2013 historic flooding events. Read more about that project here. The design for Phases 2 and 3 is completed and construction will be starting soon. The ADMS provided several conceptual alternatives and projects to minimize flooding in the area. The selected improvements for the design included a regional detention facility, storm drain, and roadway improvements on Burnt Ranch Road, Hozoni Road, Yampa Drive, Kachina Drive and Chichicoi Lane in Ho Kay Gan. The Ho Kay Gan improvements were originally designed as one phase but were subsequently split into 3 phases for funding purposes. Civiltec provided surveying, design, and post-design construction observation/support services for the Yavapai County Flood Control District.

The storm drain system ranges in diameter from 24 to 54 inches with various roadside inlets throughout the community. These improvements in combination with roadway paving improvements will reduce the flood hazard to community and residential homes in the area. The Phase 1 improvements included the downstream end of the storm drain system on Hozoni Road. Phase 2 of the project includes storm drain and roadway improvements on Kachina Drive and Chichicoi Lane. Phase 3 includes storm drain and roadway improvements along Kachina Drive and Yampa Drive. Construction plans, special provisions, easement documents, cost estimates, and bid tabs for Phases 2 and 3 were originally completed in 2018. Minor modifications to the plans and bidding packages were completed in 2021 and the District intends to move forward with Phased 2 and possibly Phase 3 construction this summer.

Our project team included Project Manager and Arizona drainage expert, Chris Dusza, PE, CFM, leading Andrew Shroads, PE, CFM, Doug Terrill, EIT, Brandi Tamuara, EIT, Desmin Fontaine, EIT, and Rita Madrid. It is always a pleasure to see our efforts turn into living elements in a community’s system and implement our engineering solutions to better everyday lives.