Rita Madrid

Designer – Morenci, AZ

What have been some of your personal highlights working at Civiltec over the last decade? (projects or events that have stuck out in your mind?) 

Being a designer you get to work on all sorts of projects. I truly enjoy doing and learning about each project. Since I made my return in 2017, work consists of water treatment, public works infrastructure, private utility development, and electrical processes.

What are you working on right now that gets you excited to start the work day? Is there a part of your job that is your favorite and why?

I am currently working on a couple of electrical process plans and learning a lot from Heber Torres, PE, Principal Electrical Engineer (Phoenix, AZ) as well as a few gas distribution and high-pressure projects with Andrew Shroads, PE, Principal/Project manager and the “penthouse” crew. The best part of my day is working here at Civiltec with all my coworkers and the friendships we have established over the past several years. I look forward to coming into the office and getting a chance to see and talk to everyone since I am now remote. 

Over the last decade, what changes in Civiltec have stuck out in your mind?

The growth of our company with the additional offices and employment staff. Plus, the quality of benefit care and the management of the company just keeps getting better and better with time.

As the singular employee in the “Morenci Office” as you dub it, what are some ways that make working remotely work best for you? 

Working remotely gives me a greater concentration on the task at hand with very few to no interruptions in my daily work process. I keep my own work schedule, but it does not differ from what would be expected of me if I were working physically in the office.

Over ten years, how has Civitlec affected your personal/professional growth? 

I have worked at other companies in the civil engineering department as a designer, and also as a rebar detail at a fabrication plant during my hiatus from Civiltec and to tell you the very honest truth; I was very glad to get that email and call back from Chris Dusza asking me to rejoin the company. That meant a lot and Civiltec has always helped me grow. 

To young designers/drafters in the industry, what advice would you give or wish you had when first starting out?

I got the very best advice when I started my career, as a drafter, back in the 80s from my first supervisor, Clay Sweeney. He told me to start off with board drafting, so that way I could appreciate the CAD program and its abilities to design and draft on the fly without having to use the eraser shield….all you old-timers will know what I mean. That really wouldn’t apply much with today’s drafters/designers starting out, so my advice would be to take what you have learned in CAD class as a starting point and sit down with the old-timers and see their way of doing things as well. As we all know, AutoCAD has more than one way to achieve the same end result.

Alright, enough about work you’ve been doing it for ten years after all. Do you have any hobbies or skills that people may not know about you? 

I love spending my free time with friends and family doing several outdoor activities. I am an avid camper, hunter, and fisherwoman. Whether it is an elk, deer, turkey, quail, or dove hunt with my husband Ben. Or fishing at the many lakes and rivers with my hubby, kids, and grandkids or camping in either Arizona or New Mexico is where you will likely find me on my days off, or possibly just chillin’ at home in the hills of New Mexico with our parents.

What matters to you most other than work? 

Family!! My heart and soul are full of love for our 12 siblings, 5 children, 9 grandchildren, and both sets of parents in their 80’s and 90’s, and way too many uncles, aunties, nieces, and nephews to mention them all here. The good Lord has blessed us with a tremendous family and we are truly grateful.