2024 Internship Program

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The Civiltec intern experience fosters the next generation of engineering minds by integrating ambition with industry-specific hard and soft skills.

Andrew Shroads, a Principal in the firm and Internship program advisor, aims to expose interns to an array of engineering specialties, including civil design with AutoCAD, a computer-aided design and drafting software program, plan production, surveying, and a variety of civil engineering projects. “Civiltec interns are open-minded, always enthusiastic to learn,” says Andrew. “Projects assigned to interns enable them to expand upon theoretical engineering knowledge taught in school by exposing them to real-world software, concepts, and designs.”

The Civiltec Internship program offers a path to a full-time career. As a mid-size company, Civiltec employees have the flexibility to create a diverse portfolio of work while making lasting professional connections with peers of all positions. Interns have the opportunity to perform site visits with other team members. This positive growth mindset is cultivated by mentorship from senior staff, who view interns as invaluable assets to their teams.