Announcing the Retirement of Richard Aldridge, PE, MBA

Richard Aldridge has been a familiar, friendly engineer throughout Northern Arizona for going on 43+ years. His extensive experience in providing personal and professional project management, planning, and design to public and private entities throughout Northern Arizona has served Civiltec on 348 projects over the past 6 years. His attention to quality assurance/quality control has covered construction plan reviews for various agencies for code compliance and competent design, subdivision plat reviews for conformance with construction plans, construction inspections, agency certifications, evaluation of testing report submittals, and review of contractor materials submittals for conformance with project specifications. Engineering services rendered have included the full gamut including surveying, civil, water, wastewater, transportation and drainage engineering, surveying, planning and design services, specifications writing, master planning, City/Town contract engineer, mining engineer, client development and retention, contract development, budget management/billings, presentations, and interviewing, mentoring, and training. 

“While at Civiltec, the 3.0-million-gallon (MG) concrete water storage tank (Summit 2 and Stoneridge Tanks) on Glassford Hill for the Town of Prescott Valley would be my favorite,” says Richard.

Over his career spanning 44-years, a few of his favorite projects include:

  1. The Phoenix Cardinals Summer Football Training Facility (3 football fields complex) at Northern Arizona University
  2. The 10MG Reclaimed Water Storage Lake at 10,000-foot elevation at the Snowbowl Ski Resort in Flagstaff for snowmaking, ACEC of Arizona 33rd Annual Engineering Excellence Awards, Special Projects award
  3. The 2-Hole Golf Course, Wetlands and 5MG Aqua-Culture Lake at Yavapai College in Chino Valley
  4. US Forest Service Research Center/NAU School of Forestry new campus at Northern Arizona University
  5. The circa 1912, 100,000-gallon riveted steel water tank refurbishment project high atop Cleopatra Hill in Jerome
  6. Tozon Kiln and Japanese Tea House at Northern Arizona University
  7. City of Prescott South Mount Vernon Reconstruction project in Prescott’s Historic District, APWA 2013 Public Works Project of the Year, Small Cities/Rural Communities, Transportation award

Richard’s compelling personality has been key to developing strong relationships with both colleagues and clients. He has served as contract City Engineer for Williams (23+ years, 1992-2003 and 2005-2017), Town Engineer for Jerome (2013-2015), and Town Engineer for Camp Verde (6 years), Clarkdale (interim) and Sedona (short term assignment). Within the Prescott office you will find a bunch of top-notch hard workers who always have a joke and Richard’s humor fit right in with the group. 

Raymond Buettner III has been with Civiltec’s Prescott office for years and had this to say about his former Branch Manager, “from day one, Richard has been just the person we needed in the Prescott office. He is not only an amazing Engineer, but he has a great sense of humor, and is very personable. I was continually amazed every week when Richard would receive a call from a public works director from somewhere around the state to catch up with him and offer us a project. The projects we completed in our office these past 6 years have been some of my favorites. Especially, the 3MG prestressed concrete tank and the five well projects we did with the Town of Prescott Valley. There was also the rehab of the Town of Jerome’s water tanks. It is going to be hard to see him go after only a short 6 years with us and we will miss his leadership and vast knowledge. After 40 years in this business, he deserves to hang up his hat and I truly wish him the best in retirement. He now has time to enjoy traveling, spending time with his family, daughters, wife Jennifer, and playing with his grandkids without worrying about some project or bid docs. I have never known another engineer who truly enjoys writing reports and specifications. We will miss you, Richard!” 

Ben Townsend, PE, will be taking over branch manager responsibilities read more about him in his upcoming article. Ben got to work with Richard leading up to his retirement and learned much from Richard. He stated, “Richard, and everyone here at the Prescott office, have been great in helping me to learn the Civiltec way and guide me to this point.” Richard will be missed in the office. Richard’s employees while sad to see him go are excited for him to have the freedom to travel more and spend more time with his wife of 46 years, Jenn.”

Mark Myers has worked and jammed out with Richard for the last 6 years. “I wish that he wasn’t retiring so I could continue to ramble on about guitars. We just couldn’t pick out what was best, Gibson, Fender, Martin, Taylor, etc…I wish that he worked here when I came on board so we could have more time to ramble on about guitars.” Jesse Cabral is our newest Project Engineer in Prescott and said, “Richard was very welcoming when I first started here…he has been a huge help with getting me onboard and I genuinely wish he wasn’t retiring so I could have more time to learn from him. Thank you for all of your help Richard, and I wish you a happy retirement!” Mark Caulk is also a new Civiltec employee and says “Richard has been very nice and I hope him the best in his retirement.”

David Byrum, PE, Civiltec President has these words for Richard “For four decades, Richard has been a cornerstone of the engineering in central and northern Arizona, and for the past 6 years, he has brought his expertise and dedication to our Civiltec family. Throughout his tenure with us, Richard has not only demonstrated technical brilliance but also served as a mentor and a friend to many of us. His willingness to share his knowledge and his ability to foster a collaborative spirit have enriched our team and strengthened our bonds. Richard, on behalf of everyone at Civiltec, I extend my heartfelt gratitude for your years of service and dedication. You will always be a valued member of our Civiltec family, and your legacy will endure in the work we continue to do. It’s really difficult to grasp the meaning of the “R” word. If you do successfully move into retirement, I need pointers!”

Chris Dusza had these words for him, “Richard has been a pleasure to work with over the past 6 years. He has been exactly what we needed in the Prescott Office. I can’t believe it has been 6 years. I wish Richard would have joined Civiltec sooner in his career so we could have worked on more projects together. I will always remember Richard’s even keel, never too excited one way or another. I think we can all learn from that. I hope you will drop by the Prescott Office or the offices in the Valley when you are passing through. You will always be welcome. Stay in touch and enjoy your retirement to the max!”   

If you know Richard, you know he loves to travel. In fact, he has lived in Japan and China, traveled throughout Europe several times, and completed a world beer tour including Oktoberfest in Germany. Not to get too Dr. Suess but now moving into retirement imagine all the places he will go to now! To start Richard and his wife are planning an Alaska Land & Sea Cruise/Tour in June, then another cruise to the Bahamas in September. Other than traveling there are many plans for the two. Richard wants to “enjoy every minute of retirement with Jenn, traveling, visiting with our grandkids in Colorado Springs, sleeping in until at least 5:30 AM every day, and keeping all my fingers while building stuff in my workshop that people will really want!” Additionally, while he is retired, Richard does plan to assist Civiltec in a limited capacity with as-needed engineering services.

Lastly, we leave this poem for Richard,

“There once was a man from Nantucket….no no no.

Thank you, Richard, for all you’ve done

Working with you was a ton of fun

Although working now will not be your number one duty,

The thing that will be, is playing your Gibson Les Paul, Black Beauty.”

(Written by Mark Myers, Senior Designer)