Ceremonial ribbon cutting with the Civiltec team.

Civiltec partnered with the Towof Prescott Valley to expand their current water storage system by providing conceptual and concrete oversight for the construction of Summit 2 water tank. The 3.0 MG tank is a partially buried, circular concrete reservoir located behind and adjacent to the existing Stoneridge Tank on Glassford Hill.

The project serves as a response to environmental demands through the expansion of sustainable infrastructure. Solar panels power the tank, serving as a continuation to the current system. Summit 2 also provides a new source of domestic potable water amid drought conditions for the Prescott Valley community. Site hydrology reports determined optimal management of stormwater runoff and overflow levels. While also expanding upon overall system storage capacity, the tank also provides additional fire suppression measures.

Civiltec met with Prescott Valley officials throughout the process to ensure site specific analysis and safety precautions for the tank’s final configuration. Civiltec integrated proactive system analysis throughout the project in order to minimize any environmental and aesthetic impact of the project. Technical analysis of the pre-existing Summit tank facilitated a seamless interconnection system between the tanks, consisting of an 18 inch iron pipe that flows into the pre-existing 12 inch line.

Richard Aldridge served as Project Manager for this water storage expansion effort, spanning over three years.

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