Prescott ValleyThe Town of Prescott Valley is expanding their current water storage system within the Town limits. Civiltec has contracted with the Town of Prescott Valley for the design of two pre-stressed concrete tanks to supplement the capacity of the system. The project kicked off in early July 2018.

The Stoneridge, 2.0 MG tank will provide additional storage within the southwesterly portion of the community and the Summit 2, 3.0 MG tank will be constructed adjacent to the Town’s existing 1.0 MG steel, Summit Water Storage Tank on Glassford Hill, centrally located within the Town. These improvements will provide additional domestic potable water, fire suppression and overall system storage to the residents.

Both tanks designs will be circular, prestressed concrete, designed in accordance with AWWA D-110 requirements. Due to the remoteness of the two sites, the electrical and control systems will be designed using solar power facilities.

The work includes surveys, tank designs, site designs, drainage improvements, solar powered electrical and control systems and site security.

Richard Aldridge is leading the team’s analysis and design efforts as Project Manager, with other Civiltec team members supporting the client work.