Civiltec Completes Ho Kay Gan Area Drainage Master Study

Viewing improvements in North portion of the Ho Kay Gan ADMS

The Ho Kay Gan Area Drainage Master Study (ADMS) looks at a residential and “built out” area of approximately 300 acres in unincorporated Yavapai County. Located west of Williamson Valley Road and south of the intersection of Williamson Valley Road and Pioneer Parkway, the Ho Kay Gan area has been subject to historic drainage and flooding problems, with the latest significant flooding occurring in September 2013.

Civiltec recently completed the Ho Kay Gan ADMS. This project included new dimensional hydrologic and hydraulic modeling for the 1.5-square-mile watershed impacting the study area. Civiltec developed conceptual alternatives and preliminary cost estimates to mitigate drainage and flooding problems in the area.

During Summer 2018, the contractor completed the outlet structure and stabilized the slopes by installing grouted rip rap – rocks and other material used to armor the boundaries against water erosion. The team constructed approximately 600 linear feet (LF) of 54″ high-density polyethylene (HDPE) storm drain pipe, as well as 18″ and 24″ HDPE storm drain laterals with new concrete headwalls. Civiltec worked with the contractor to additionally reconstruct 1,700 LF of the roadway.

Vice President Chris Dusza led the team’s design and analysis efforts as Project Manager. He was supported by Senior Designer Raymond Buettner and Civiltec staff. Yavapai County anticipates bidding the next phase of the project in 2019.

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