City of Brea Water Master Plan Wrapped 

The City of Brea, located in northern Orange County, has been a client of Civiltec’s going back to the initial work on Carbon Canyon’s pipelines in 2002 and 2011. Our work picked back up in 2019 and has not ceased since with over 12 projects in the past three years alone. Our team has completed the 2021 Water Master Plan which has been used to properly understand Brea’s water system and the improvements that the expanding city will need. 

The area of study encompasses 12.1 square miles of residential, commercial, industrial, and some agriculture and oil-producing land. Brea owns and operates its potable water system within the city’s boundaries and Sphere of Influence (SOI). Due to the lack of potable groundwater in Brea, the majority of the water supply comes from two wholesale water producers, the California Domestic Water Company (CDWC) and the Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC). The 2009 Water Master Plan Update was limited to the existing water distribution system, its SOI, and existing water demands. The 2021 Water Master Plan was needed to address planned developments and associated demands defined by zoning, the General Plan, and Traffic Analysis Zone areas. Civiltec completed a supply and demand analysis and updated the hydraulic model. Following the completion of model calibration and analysis, the project team investigated system issues, performed simulated “stress tests” on the system, and addressed issues or concerns of staff involved in the operation of the water system. A complete list of potential capital improvement program projects was developed along with a cost-benefit analysis and projects prioritized.

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