The City of Brea has seen a broad increase in development and economic activity over the last two decades, raising the need for an updated Water Master Plan to address and accommodate future growth and demand on the CIty’s water system. The City contracted with Civiltec in 2019 to assess the current system and develop an updated Master Plan. In December 2020, Civiltec delivered the draft of the updated plan.

The Water Master Plan Update (WPMU) involved a multi-phase approach. To begin, Civiltec worked closely with City management and operations staff to identify unique features of the City’s water system, along with areas for potential performance improvement or capacity increase. Civiltec then conducted an in-depth supply and demand analysis of the existing system to develop a new, fully-calibrated water model to be used for system analysis.  This modeling provided more detailed information about areas of concern and potential capital improvements projects. Lastly, Civiltec identified areas of the City that could be developed and identified the improvements that would be necessary to serve these areas.

Civiltec then presented the list of projects, along with cost estimates and priority considerations, to the City and prepared a Capital Improvements Programs based on staff feedback. 

Brea first contracted with Civiltec to develop its 1989 Water Master Plan and its first-ever water system computer model. Civiltec has since provided design and construction management services on multiple water main replacements along with reservoir, pump station and pipeline projects. 

Greg Ripperger, P.E., LEED, AP served as Project Manager on the Water Master Plan Update. Greg has previously completed 14 master plans and 9urban water management plans. W. David Byrum, P.E. was Principal in Charge.