City of BreaSoaring economic and development activity in the City of Brea has resulted in the City’s need to address future development to their municipal water system. Civiltec has been engaged by the City to create a Water Master Plan Update (WMPU). This is not the first time the City of Brea has engaged Civiltec, as the engineering firm developed the City’s 1989 Water Master Plan and its first water system computer model.

Civiltec is designing multiple water main replacement projects as a part of the update. The WMPU will update the City’s computer model, supply and demand analyses, and audit the system to identify deficiencies and potential improvements. The project’s scope will include research and assessment, a water demand update, model construction, thorough analyses and a final report with conclusions and recommendations.

The Water Master Plan Update is a part of the City’s $13 million capital improvement program implemented for the 2019-20 fiscal year. The program includes engineering services for street, water, storm drain, sewer and facility improvement projects.

Civiltec President David Byrum is the Principal Engineer on the project with assistance from Greg Ripperger as Project Manager, David Song as Quality Assurance/Quality Check Manager, Andrew Shroads will handle GIS, hydraulic modeling and modeling oversight. Further support from Civiltec staff will come from Chelsea Hernandez, Kimberly Alexander and Gretel Ochoa-Nhac.