City of BreaThe City of Brea recently contracted Civiltec to replace approximately 26,000 linear feet of water mains located in the Pleasant Hills Tract, North Hills West, and East Tract neighborhoods. This project was identified in the City’s seven-year Capital Improvements Plan (CIP).

The team will split the full workload into four construction projects prepared under one design contract. Civiltec will work to address key issues such as: pipeline alignment, hydraulic modeling and undersized mains, pressure reducing stations, pavement rehabilitation, and soil corrosivity.

The project scope includes full replacement of the existing water mains, as well as pavement rehabilitation, signage, replacement of outdated components, and more. Once complete, the upgrades will improve the City’s water system and deliver sufficient water pressure to customers throughout the service areas.

David Song leads the team’s analysis and design as Project Manager. He is supported by Chris Duncan, Terry Kerger, Greg Ripperger, Gretel Ochoa-Nhac, Dan Busqué, and Sara Canché.

This project kicked off in February 2019. Final designs and specifications are scheduled to be delivered in September 2019.