Plant B6 1,4-Dioxane Removal System

San Gabriel Valley Water Company

Civiltec won the Trojan UVFlex Water Treatment removal of 1,4-Dioxane and N-Nitrosodimenthylamine at Plant B6 in February 2019. Our team has worked diligently on completing Phase 1 and will now move into the construction phase. 

This project has been interesting as the TrojanUVFlex equipment is brand-new technology. This technology has will receive the State Division of Drinking Water’s (DDW) approval for potable water use. Our work on this project will aid in spear fronting its approval. The technology further advances efficiencies in Hydrogen Peroxide and electrical consumption by utilizing sophisticated controls and new UV lamp arrays. It has been a new and exciting opportunity to use new innovations on a project and learn something new that can be implemented in the future. The project will be one of the foremost technologies in this arena and accelerates advancement in advanced oxidation water treatment.  It is also the first of its kind to be permitted in California and will lead to further advancements in other parts of the Nation.

The project has included more than just new technology. We worked on the design of basic site civil improvements, piping configurations, structural upgrades, mechanical improvements such as ventilation in the existing ISEP building, and electrical modifications to implement the TrojanUVFlex. The team also designed the necessary improvements to ensure the delivery of 3,900 gallons per minute (GPM) of treated water for demonstration purposes. At the same time, the existing low-pressure ultraviolet system design will serve as redundancy and the permitted treatment system will validate the ultimate operation of the UVFlex equipment. Phase 1 demonstrated the treatment capabilities of the UVFlex system and ultimately led to full-scale approval by DDW of 7,800 GPM of treatment through the implementation of Phase II of the project. Moving into Phase 2 we will be working on the implementation of all designs in Phase 1 and expanding the treatment systems capacity.

 This project team is made up of W. David Byrum, QA/QC Manager and Principal in Charge, Shem Hawes, Project Manager, Sky Younger, Electrical Engineer, Jorge Martinez, Senior Designer, and Michael Malcolm, Drafter.

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Not Final Construction Photos