Civiltec has been engaged by the San Gabriel Valley Water Company to engineer and implement additions to their B6 Nitrate Treatment Plant.

The project, run by Civiltec’s Senior Engineer Shem Hawes and Project Engineer Bed Dawadi, will enhance San Gabriels’ ability to treat water for nitrate removal. Design overhauls engineered to increase the efficiency and lower maintenance cost of the existing processes will all be geared toward improving water quality.
The primary objectives of the Civiltec design will be to:

  • Connect the new plant to the existing pipeline.
  • Coordinate a new power supply for the nitrate removal system.
  • Engineer structural support for the proposed developments.
  • Establish electrical power facilities that will support operation of the new nitrate removal facility.
  • Plan sewer connections to transport water for processing.
  • Manage sound attenuation of the salt blower and air compressor equipment.
  • Organize the communication system between the new nitrate removal system and master PLC at Plant B6.

“San Gabriel selected Civiltec for this project because of our long standing relationship, and history of implementing precisely this type of project,” said Hawes. “Our experience in treatment of nitrate and other ground water contaminants is perfectly suited to the challenge.”

The end result of the project will be reliable, clean water for the people of San Gabriel Valley. It is a project Cvilitec is proud to be a part of.


Residents with questions about their water are encouraged to visit the SGVW website for further information and year water quality reports.