Michael A. Malcolm


Michael A Malcolm Where are you attending college and what are you studying?
I attend school at Rio Hondo College where I study Civil Engineering. I started school in 2014 when I realized that I wanted to change my career. At first, I wanted to be an architect but quickly learned that I love infrastructure. I changed majors to Civil Engineering the next semester. I work full time and go to school nights. Eventually, I will earn a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Civil Engineering, and get certified.

What drew you to working for Civiltec? What do you like best about working at Civiltec so far?
It was a great series of events in my life that led me to working with Civiltec. I found that, after years spent being a plumbing technician, I wanted a career change. I spent three years after that point preparing to become an engineer’s assistant or drafter. One semester shy of earning my drafting certificate, my wife urged me to start looking for an entry level position in the engineering field. She said that I was qualified and shouldn’t wait for the piece of paper but show them my portfolio and assure them the certificate is on the way. Together we found the job listing for Civiltec literally the same week I started looking. Amazing! I was drawn to this company by the nature of the work. Not only that, but the Monrovia office is located very close to my house!

What are some of your favorite types of projects to work on?
I like working on all of the projects that come through my office. Anything that involves Civil Engineering makes me happy. The bigger the project the better. I have worked on Treatment Plants and Traffic projects, but I am open to it all.

When you’re not working, how do you like to spend your time?
I have a dog named Peanut. He is getting up in his years but he still enjoys a daily stroll. There is also a cat in the house, Milo. Also, I cook a majority of my meals at home, with my wife Laura. She is Vegan and I am not, but we still find ways to make perfect meals. Homework takes up the bulk of my free time, but when there is a surplus of it, I find myself streaming entertainment from Netflix and Amazon Prime. Laura and I are working our way through the Star Trek series. We’ve seen all of the ones with Kirk and now we are half way through Picard.

Is there a particular hobby, interest, or skill you have that other employees might not know about?
I am an artist. I started when I was four with coloring, which led to tracing, and then sketching by mimicking. Eventually sketching images straight from the imagination without any other references. Fine-tuning the skill throughout high school using the margins of my note book. I have not drawn anything like that in years. Now I draw mechanical items by hand in school. Hand drafting is part of my training to become an Engineer. I also draw every day on the computer when I come into work. I love it.