Valley County Water DistrictIn 2013, Civiltec helped the Valley County Water District form its Master Plan and has since helped execute multiple phases of their Capital Improvement Projects. Now, Civiltec is in the middle of work on a couple more crucial projects for VCWD:

  1. Replacement of the Clinton O. Nixon booster pump station
  2. Improvements to Operations Headquarters

All finished water is temporarily held in the storage reservoir until it is needed by customers. Booster pumps support peak demand times by drawing the finished water from the water storage reservoirs and boosting it into the water distribution system for delivery. The Clinton O. Nixon booster pump station is Valley County Water District’s largest, with five individual pumps.

The updated booster pump station will have double the capacity of the original, which necessitates careful design planning, hydraulic analysis and a CEQA approval process. There are also new challenges regarding electrical design for powering the booster pump station. The current site has multiple existing services from Souther California Edison. Due to Edison’s new requirements, those now need to be consolidated into a single service, so Civiltec is coordinating heavily with Edison throughout this project.

“At Civiltec, our team is always up to the challenge of tackling projects like these that have multiple moving parts,” said Project Manager David Song. “We are also proud to know that, once this booster pump station is complete, we’ll have made a direct, positive impact on Valley County WD’s large customer base.”

Future phases will include work on upgrading the Clinton O. Nixon water treatment facility, reconfiguring the Nixon East well, and adding two 3-million-gallon tanks. Those tanks will be placed at the site of the current Maintenance and Operations building, which is being relocated to the proposed new Headquarters location. Civiltec is also involved in the preliminary site work for the new Headquarters location, such as installing block walls around the perimeter and helping install driveway approaches.

Civiltec’s Bed Dawadi, Sean Cho, Nick Brethorst, Charlie Devine and Greg Ripperger are all involved in these projects. The team anticipates finishing the design plans for the Clinton O. Nixon booster pump station near the end of 2016. Once more construction logistics are in place, the Headquarters improvements will likely pick up speed in 2017.