Valley County Water DistrictCiviltec recently signed a contract to continue Capital Improvement Project work with the Valley County Water District. Civiltec has completed work on Phases 1-3 of Valley County Water District’s CIP projects and will soon start work on Phase 4.

The team at Civiltec has already started on research necessary for Phase 4, and expects to have the first phase of work completed around early February 2016 and the second phase completed around mid-April 2016. The majority of the Phase 4 work will center on replacing older water pipeline infrastructure. The Valley County Water District has allocated $750,000 to capital improvements and related construction.

“Phase 4 involves approximately 4,600 linear feet of water pipe replacement in the Puente Area,” said Civiltec Project Manager David Song. “It’s important to keep this infrastructure, which is largely underground, updated to provide reliable facilities for the District’s 75,000 residents. At the same time, we are going to solve some hydraulic restriction issues in order to improve fireflow to key water hydrants.”

In addition to David Song, Jenny Tsan, Sara Canche, and Sean Cho are supporting work on this project. Civiltec is also working closely with Western State Surveying on surveying-related tasks.

Civiltec helped the District form their Water Master Plan in 2013, and also recently submitted a proposal to work on a replacement booster station at the Clinton O. Nixon Treatment Facility for Valley County Water District. Stay tuned to for additional updates on Valley County Water District projects.