Greg Ripperger

Greg on-site at Monrovia Station Square. Click for full size.

Greg Ripperger is a Project Manager for Civiltec’s Monrovia office. He is a Monrovia resident and came to Civiltec from the US Army Corps of Engineers in Oklahoma, where he worked as the on-site project engineer for construction projects internationally and in several western States. Greg is also a LEED Professional, certified by the Green Building Certification Institute.

We highlighted Greg Ripperger’s professional background when he first joined Civiltec in 2013. For this Staff Spotlight, we thought it would be fun to help you get to know Greg’s personal side a little more.

What drew you to applying for Civiltec, Greg?
I bought a house in Monrovia in 2013. At the time, I was doing Construction Management and driving to Corona. My emphasis in college was Hydrology and Hydraulics and I had already spent some time doing hydraulic modeling and analysis for my previous employer and really enjoyed it. Water engineering was always a field that I desired to work in. When I learned about the interesting work that Civiltec was doing right in my new hometown, I knew it would be a great opportunity.

Which project has been the most rewarding to work on and why?
I have really enjoyed the opportunity to manage the construction of the Station Square project in Monrovia. It has been great to be able to get involved with the City of Monrovia and manage a project that is so important to the community around me. I feel like I have been able to provide some valuable contributions to this City to complete this important and visible project for them. It has also provided me a great opportunity to begin to build a great relationship with the City of Monrovia staff and management, which has been very rewarding for me and Civiltec.

How do you feel your background in the US Army Corps of Engineers translated to working at Civiltec?
USACE provided me the opportunity to really expand my foundation by allowing me to work in a variety of fields. They do such a diverse range of projects that I was able to get involved in a number of different fields. It also allowed me to realize how much I enjoyed water engineering and hydraulic modeling. USACE also allowed me the opportunity to build some great Construction Management skills. I have been able to immediately put those skills to use for Civiltec and have provided even more expertise for Civiltec in that area.

What have been some of your favorite/most interesting topics to study during your current MBA program?
I have really enjoyed all the classes and have had multiple opportunities to put them immediately to use at Civiltec. The most interesting class has probably been Quantitative Analysis, which gave me a lot of insight into business modeling and identifying projects that are worth pursuing. I am looking forward to completing my MBA at Azusa Pacific in the 2018-19 school year.

What are some fun facts other employees might not know about you?
I have a passion and desire to assist in third-world countries. I’ve taken multiple trips over the years. I spent one summer in Egypt teaching English to children that live in some of the poorer parts of the city with a company called Operation Serve International. I’ve unfortunately lost a lot of it since then, but I studied Arabic for two years prior to that trip and learned a lot more while I was there. My latest trip was to several villages in rural Uganda with an organization called Heal the Nations, where I helped design some solutions to treat their water contamination and supply issues. Both of these organizations were local organizations that I have ties to. I really enjoyed all my trips and hope to continue to be able to support charities working overseas in these areas.

When you’re not working, how do you like to spend your time?
I spend a lot of time with my family. My wife and I have two daughters (one is 3, the other is 3 months old). We love doing outdoor activities like hiking, going to the beach, going camping, etc. I also love sports. I don’t get to play them as much anymore, but I like to play a lot of baseball, basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, racquetball, and softball. I also enjoy playing cards and strategic board games. Poker, Spades, and Gin are probably my favorite card games. Blokus, Settlers of Catan, and Risk are probably some of my favorite board games.