Beverly Hills

Continuing to build its partnership with Beverly Hills, Civiltec’s latest project with the City is the creation of a water resources integrated plan. Civiltec is working as a subconsultant for the environmental engineering firm Hazen and Sawyer.

The team’s role is focused around using the existing water model to identify deficiencies in the City’s water system. Since Civiltec developed and calibrated the water model, this project is a continuation of that work.

By having a complete understanding of the water system, Civiltec will be able to search for and recognize all potential areas that need improvement. The team will be looking primarily for undersized pipelines. Once these are identified, Civiltec will assist in determining the future water system demands and preparing the system to accommodate them.

The water resources integrated plan, along with the Developer Manual, will allow the City of Beverly Hills to have complete mastery over their water system. The City will be able to predict how much water is needed for proposed capital improvement projects and can make decisions based on how the amounts will affect its communities.

Greg Ripperger continues to lead the team’s design and analysis efforts as Project Manager, while Sara Canché provides support directly to the City onsite at the Public Works and Transportation Office. Gretel Ochoa has additionally been assisting on this work and other Beverly Hills projects.

Civiltec kicked off this project at the beginning of 2019. The work will continue throughout the year and until mid-2020.