Beverly HillsCiviltec began working with the City of Beverly Hills in 2015. Since that time, the firm has grown this relationship and partnered with the City on an increasing number of projects. The first project that Civiltec delivered was a “Developer Manual” for the City’s Water System projects.

In order to ensure Beverly Hills’ existing water infrastructure is sufficient to meet the demands of new developments, Civiltec outlined a process for developers to follow when starting a new project in the City. The team reviewed the methodology of previously completed developments and provided an analysis with recommendations on best practices. The end result was a 40-page document that details the steps developers must accomplish before kicking off their projects.

Today, every new, major development proposed to the City is required to follow these guidelines. In the last three years, Civiltec has reviewed and approved nearly 20 projects on behalf of Beverly Hills. The team is currently in the process of reviewing a handful of projects.

Based on the success of the Water System Development Guidelines, Beverly Hills has requested that Civiltec create similar guidelines for the City’s sewer systems. The team has begun assessing the data from previous projects.

Civiltec is also in the process of developing a digital water system model and geographic database for the City. Because many cities and public agencies utilize geographic information systems (GIS) software for ongoing planning, Civiltec has pioneered the incorporation of a water model to complement the existing GIS data.

The team used GIS software to collect water and sewer data from the City’s various projects, then transformed the information into a comprehensive, interactive water system that links to relevant documents, plans, and drawings. This project will assist Civiltec and Beverly Hills in analyzing proposed developments and delivering high-quality plans.

In conjunction with the new water system model, Civiltec has begun compiling a sole source Water Master Plan for Beverly Hills. The project scope includes reviewing the City’s supply and distribution system, water rights, and any other operational issues that may arise in order to provide recommendations for capital improvement projects. The Master Plan, combined with the water model and the Water System Development Guidelines, will create a foundation for the City to maintain and improve their water system.

Once completed, Civiltec’s work in the City of Beverly Hills will result in a completely uniform system that both developers and city staff can easily navigate.

Greg Ripperger has led the team’s design and analysis as Project Manager on each project. Sara Canché has been working closely with the City to implement the Water System Development Guidelines. Since December 2017, Sara has regularly worked onsite in the Public Works and Transportation Office directly to answer questions and act as the point of contact for developers.

Civiltec was originally contracted to work through the end of 2017. However, due to the success of the guidelines and the partnership that has developed over time, the City of Beverly Hills has extended Civiltec’s contract for another two years.