Beverly HillsCiviltec Engineering, Inc. has won a contract renewal with the City of Beverly Hills for On-Call Engineering Services. Civiltec has supported the City’s Public Works and Water Resources team for the past three years with multiple engineering assignments, including at-will work, development management, water system analyses, design of capital improvements, work on the Water Resources Integrated Plan and preparing the Development Guidance Manual.

Moving forward, Civiltec will assist with supporting and managing four tasks set forth in the contract.

  • First, Civiltec will continue fulfilling development requests and providing staff augmentation services. We have supported the development workload for the City for the last three years, completing more than 30 hydraulic analyses. Civiltec will also act as the point of contact for all new services, tracking all new or changed water services, and working with developers to process their applications and provide them with new service connections. Sara Canché and Chelsea Hernandez spend at least two days per week in the Beverly Hills offices to provide in-person support.
  • Second, Civiltec will assist in executing Capital Improvement Projects (CIPs) by continuing to support the City on an as-needed basis. Work could potentially include design of pipeline and other infrastructure, performing tasks such as sizing new pipelines, performing modeling for preliminary design, providing preliminary design reports, working with City staff to find solutions to water system issues, designing water main replacement, pump station upgrade and reservoir rehabilitation projects, providing contract documents, and providing bidding and construction support.
  • Third, Civiltec will provide water and sewer model support through new development guidelines that establish processes for the upfront planning phase including a development agreement as well as the design phase, construction phase, new system transfer and acceptance phase.
  • Lastly, Civiltec will provide water modeling support and continue to analyze the impacts of new developments on the City’s water system and determine the fire flow capability at each hydrant, as requested by developers. This task will also include maintaining the City’s water model by adding any newly constructed infrastructure, adjusting the settings of valves if they are changed in the field, and more.

Civiltec President David Byrum will act as principal and be assisted by Greg Ripperger, PE, as Project Manager as well as Gretel Ochoa, Staff Engineer, Chelsea Hernandez, Staff Engineer, and Sara Canche, Planning Technician. This team is currently working with City personnel on as-needed engineering tasks.