Williamson Valley RoadCiviltec has completed the construction of two more safety corridors for Yavapai County Public Works to finish out the year in December 2019.

The two safety corridors were a part of Phase Two of the Williamson Valley Road Safety Improvements, Civiltec completed four safety areas in Phase One. The Improvements included two areas along the Williamson Valley Road Corridor at Longview Drive and Pemberton Drive and Cliff Rose Road. Both areas, approximately 2000 lineal feet long, were widened from a two lane road to three lanes to include right-turn deceleration lanes as well as two way left turn lanes. The project also included drainage improvements at Pemberton Drive and the realignment of Pemberton and Cliff Rose to form a true intersection with Williamson Valley Road.

The project began in May of 2019 with Civiltec completing the Construction plans for the two corridors as well as Post Design Services, included As-Built Plans. Civiltec will also head up Phase Three this year, which includes the reconstruction plans and widening for the intersection of Kelly Drive and Oneal. The project also includes stand alone plans for the construction of a new box culvert in anticipation of the widening of the roadway for the right turn and two way left turn lanes. Construction for the project is to be determined by the County in the near future.

Rick Shroads continues to lead the team’s design and analysis as Project Manager, with support from Richard AldridgeRay BuettnerBen TilmanMark Myers, and Ken Davidson.