Anaheim Water Main ReplacementCiviltec has been contracted by the City of Anaheim for replacement of existing water mains on Santa Ana Street and North Street. Built between 1920 to 1940, the ductile iron water mains on these two streets are in need of replacement due to age and risk of damage as a result of railroad crossings.

The project scope consists of removing the existing 12-inch cast iron water mains and adding new 12-inch ductile iron pipes within 24-inch casing. These pipes will cross under the existing BNSF Railway, Metrolink, and OCTA networks. Aside from water main replacement, Civiltec will be responsible for replacing and relocating any existing water services and meters.

The team is in the process of preparing two separate plans, specifications, and engineer’s estimates of probable construction cost, including bidding and construction support services. The first plan will tackle the pipeline crossing on Santa Ana Street: the crossing is between Atchison and Vine, with the length of casing approximately 75 to 100 linear feet. The pipe’s bore, or inner diameter, and the receiving pits are planned to be placed outside of BNSF, Metrolink, and OCTA right-of-way lines.

Meanwhile, on North Street, the second plan addresses the pipes between Pauline and Mavis. The length of the pipe casing is approximately 150 to 200 linear feet, and the bore or receiving pits will be placed in adjacent cul-de-sacs or within property to the west of the railroad tracks. In both plans, the precise casing length will be determined during project design.

David Song will lead Civiltec’s analysis and design efforts as Project Manager. He will be assisted by Terry Kerger, who will provide QA/QC and technical support, and Bed Dawadi as the project’s lead engineer. Rounding out the Civiltec team and offering design support are Gretel Ochoa, Charlie Devine, Omner Meza, Jorge Martinez, and Sara Canché.

Civiltec kicked off this project with the City in December 2016. Final plans and specifications are scheduled to be completed by April 2017.