Civiltec has partnered with the City of Monrovia on its Monrovia Renewal Infrastructure Improvement Program since 2015. As part of the team’s ongoing work for this project, Civiltec has completed the design and site plan for the City’s Oakglade Reservoir.

The Oakglade Reservoir was initially built in the late 1800s and was one of Monrovia’s original water reservoirs. Over time, the reservoir developed excessive leaks and cracks, and was eventually unable to handle the increased water capacity needs of the City.

As part of the Monrovia Renewal project, Civiltec was contracted to assist the City in replacing the existing Oakglade Reservoir. The current supply capacity is 900,000 gallons; the new reservoir will increase this capacity by 67% to 1.5 million gallons! The replacement will also improve emergency and operational water storage requirements in the area.

Greg Ripperger leads the team’s design and implementation as the Project Manager. He is supported by David Song, Bed Dawadi, Terry Kerger, Nick Brethorst, Sean Cho, and Jenny Tsan.

The current project schedule anticipates construction to begin in late December 2017 / early January 2018. More information about the Monrovia Renewal project can be found on the City’s website.