With one of our offices based in Monrovia, Civiltec has fostered a close working relationship with the City for a number of years. This partnership includes successful projects such as the Monrovia Train Station Square – the City’s biggest public works effort – and, since 2015, the Monrovia Renewal Project.

The Monrovia Renewal infrastructure improvement initiative is a comprehensive program aimed at making citywide repairs to the water systems, sewer collection system, streets, and sidewalks. Civiltec has been heavily involved in the water and sewer portions of the project, responsible for a myriad of engineering and design tasks throughout the project’s six phases.

In June 2017, Civiltec joined the Monrovia City Council, residents, and other stakeholders to celebrate the completion of the first phase of the Monrovia Renewal. The City has invested over $9.4 million dollars to complete the Southwest and Southeast sections of the project. These infrastructure updates include:

Monrovia Water Infrastructure Repairs:

  • 2,105 feet of damaged water pipeline replaced
  • 131 customer water service lines replaced
  • 5 fire hydrant connections added or replaced

Monrovia Sewer Infrastructure Repairs:

  • 101,000 linear feet of sewer pipeline cleaned and videoed to identify need repairs
  • 568 feet of damaged sewer pipeline replaced
  • 32 segments of sewer pipeline repaired
  • 6,621 feet of lining and 148 seals added to sewer pipelines to extend their life

Monrovia Street Infrastructure Repairs:

  • 44 streets segments fully reconstructed with a brand new street
  • 17 streets segments rehabilitated by removing and replacing the top layer
  • 35 streets segments treated with Cape Seal
  • 8 streets segments treated with a Slurry Seal, adding a new top coat to preserve the street

Monrovia Sidewalk Infrastructure Repairs:

  • 250,000 square feet of sidewalk repaired or replaced

Phase Two of this project will begin later this year, with work in the Northwest and South sections of the City. Civiltec will continue its role as a Project Partner throughout the upcoming phases.