Monrovia Oakglade ReservoirAs part of Civiltec’s ongoing work with the City of Monrovia on its Monrovia Renewal Infrastructure Improvement Program, Civiltec will help replace the City’s Oakglade Reservoir and site a new water well.

The Oakglade Reservoir was built in the late 1800s and was one of the original water reservoirs for Monrovia but, over time, the reservoir developed excessive leaks and cracks. The new reservoir will improve the City’s water system by providing a capacity of approximately 1.5 million gallons: a 67% increase from the current 900,000-gallon capacity it has now. Civiltec recently started on the preliminary design and geotechnical investigations. Once those tasks are completed over the next couple of months, the team will start the reservoir’s structural design and site plan. The project will require a detailed California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) process.

Monrovia’s water utility currently includes five water wells that provide groundwater from the Main San Gabriel Basin. The City’s Water Master Plan, which Civiltec helped develop, notes the need for a new well with a capacity to pump 3,500 gallons per minute. “With the persistent drought in our state and the subsequent decrease in the groundwater basin levels, it can be a struggle to keep up with supplying demands,” said Civiltec Project Manager Greg Ripperger. “By drilling this new well, the City’s utility will be able to produce more groundwater to meet residents’ needs versus importing water.”

First, Civiltec will conduct a siting study, then perform a water quality analysis. These initial steps will help determine the best location for the well and the necessary water treatments. The project will also require a detailed CEQA process.

In addition to the reservoir and well projects, Civiltec is also providing water line designs for a section of the City’s pipelines right now. The Monrovia Renewal program has six geographic sections: North, Northwest, Northeast, South, Southwest, and Southeast. Civiltec is currently working on the first phase of the program: the Southwest and Southeast sections of the City.

“It is a pleasure to continue deepening our relationship with the City of Monrovia,” said Ripperger. “We look forward to helping the City improve its infrastructure so it can keep providing a safe, clean, efficient community for its residents.”

Civiltec members involved in these projects:

  • Management – David Song and Greg Ripperger
  • Pipeline Designs – David Song and Jenny Tsan
  • Reservoir Design – David Song, Bed Dawadi and Terry Kerger
  • Well Water Quality Analysis – Nick Brethorst and Sean Cho
  • Well Siting Study – Subconsultant Richard C. Slade and Associates