Miragrand Well Equipping Finished

Three Valleys Municipal Water District


Three Valleys Municipal Water District (TVMWD) is set on supplementing and enhancing local water supplies for those in their communities. How does Civiltec fit into the District’s mission? Aiding in a project to increase groundwater extraction capabilities in the Six Basins using both production rights and storage/recovery as well as to supplement the Miramar Water Treatment Plant’s top-notch surface water treatment facilities to supply a resilient source of drinking water to TVMWD’s portfolio, is how. 

In other words, back in July 2020, TVMWD awarded Civiltec with the task of conceptualizing the civil, architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical improvements and considered several options for the Miragrand Well. The improvements sought to sustain the architectural features of the surrounding residential area and utilized site-sourced cobbles and rock to add the unique architectural feature of a natural river rock finish on the building and the perimeter wrought iron fence pilasters. Improvements were tailored to blend in with the natural surroundings and site-sourced cobbles were also utilized on drainage features and the infiltration basins. Initial production water from the well is returned to the Six Basins with the use of these infiltration basins as this water is diverted to the basin for recharge. This is yet another aspect of sustainability programmed into our design. Some more in-depth details of disinfection (chloramination) options included proposing piping to connect the Miragrand Well to the existing Grand Avenue Well piping stub-out on Miramar Avenue. In addition, we provided a preliminary design report detailing the most convenient, cost-efficient location of the proposed well and appurtenant equipment, including pipeline alignment and electrical conduits. Another element of the project was the utilization of above-grade discharge piping from the well sized to deliver 600 gallons per minute to the combined filter effluent chamber and one of the 8 million gallons reservoirs on the Miramar site. The electrical portion included the 100-horsepower electric motor well design. Overall the project delivered a sustainable source of groundwater production to enhance the reliability of TVMWD’s supply. This project was finished and fully constructed in July 2022 and placed into operation in November 2022. 

The project team consisted of W. David Byrum, PE (Principal), Shem Hawes, PE (Project Manager)Charlie Devine, PLS (Staff Engineer), Sky Younger, PE (Electrical Engineer)Steven Walker, PE, Sanjay Verma, PE, Tim Kwan, EIT,  Chris Duncan (Survey Manager), Daniel Busque (Sr. Designer), Jorge Martinez (Sr. Designer), and Micheal Malcolm (Designer).