Williamson Valley RoadCiviltec has contracted with Yavapai County for the next Phase of the Williamson Valley Road improvements. Phase 1 is nearing completion and Phase 2 has just kicked off. The new work consists of additional improvements to Williamson Valley Road corridor that were recommended in the Williamson Valley Road Traffic Study dated January of 2017. Civiltec completed the design using an accelerated schedule in 2017 and the construction is nearing completion for the first 3 improvement areas.

This second phase of the Williamson Valley Road reconstruction project includes improvements to the intersections along Williamson Valley Road at Kelly Drive/Stringfield Drive/Oneal Road, Cliff Rose/Pemberton and Longview/Buena Vista. The improvements generally consist of acceleration/deceleration lanes, intersection realignments, modifications to the horizontal alignment and vertical profiles for enhanced sight distances, drainage improvements including a box culvert extension, and utility relocations. Construction of the improvements is anticipated in the summer of 2019.

Rick Shroads continues to lead the team’s design and analysis as Project Manager, with support from Richard AldridgeRay BuettnerBen TilmanMark Myers, and Ken Davidson.