Williamson Valley RoadCiviltec was recently contracted by the Yavapai County Department of Public Works to work on the Wiliamson Valley Road highway safety improvement project. The project includes design, management, and construction administration for five segments of highway that have been flagged for safety improvements by the County.

Williamson Valley Road is located in northwest Prescott. The highway, from Pioneer Parkway to Outer Loop Road, has a current average daily traffic (ADT) of 7,000 – 10,000 vehicles per day (VPD). Certain segments will see 24 to 57 percent volume increases by 2025 and 12 to 36 percent increases by 2040.

The project scope includes work on five areas of concern along the highway: Outer Loop Road, Blackjack Ridge Road, Buchanan Drive, Granite Oaks Drive/Trailhead, and Kelley Drive/Stringfield Drive/Oneal Road. For each section, Civiltec will focus on the deceleration for right-turn movements and left-turn movements to adjoining roads.

Due to the 55 to 60 MPH design speeds for Williamson Valley Road, the main project solutions will be symmetrical widening at the intersection locations. However, after analyzing the plans, Civiltec will lead an asymmetrical widening effort at Kelley Drive to fit site topography and minimize grading operations. The team will work with the County to add additional elements of driver safety and easier maintenance efforts.

For this project, Rick Shroads leads the team’s design and analysis as Project Manager. Other project team members include Richard Aldridge, Ray Buettner, Ben Tilman, Mark Myers, and Ken Davidson.

Civiltec kicked off in mid-November 2017. Construction documents and specifications are expected to be delivered by the end of February 2018 and the project is planned to be constructed in the Spring of 2018.