Industry Business Center Recycle Water Reservoir

Walnut Valley Water District 

The Industry Business Center site has been developing for many years and finally is in operation. This 245-acre parcel in Industry, California will include the potential development of 833,000 square feet of retail, 162,000 square feet for restaurants, a 5,000-seat live theater, 1,200-seat movie theater, and 1,490,000 square feet of available office space. To satisfy this goal, Civiltec completed the design for Walnut Valley Water District and the City of Industry’s new 2.0-million-gallon recycled water reservoir located on the east side of the development that was previously rough graded with an approximate 190-foot diameter circular pad and a paved access road constructed up to the pad. The 32-foot-high tank shell is welded steel with an aluminum dome roof. This top-of-the-line reservoir is now fully constructed and operational.

In addition to the design, Civiltec provided electrical service to supply electrical power to the site via the City of Industry Public Utilities Commission. The existing electrical service conduit installed on the slope was extended to power the site. Power was provided for site lighting, security (intrusion switches and cameras), instrumentation, telemetry, and control equipment. A new programmable logic control-based SCADA terminal communicates with the Walnut Valley Water District’s SCADA system via a wireless radio link. A mast-mounted antenna was installed on the top of the new tank, and the reservoir SCADA components specifications and input/output data signals were coordinated with the SCADA consultant. The project was completed in coordination with the City of Industry. A key element of this project was the additional expansion of the site and the inclusion of the separate access road.  The addition of this access road required the design of a retaining wall during the construction phase of the project.

Paso Robles Tank, Inc. a wholly-owned subsidiary of Associated Construction & Engineering, Inc. completed the construction on the tank our team performed support services during the bidding and construction phases. Our team was led by Project Manager David Song, PE, who specifically wants to shout out the electrical services of Sky Younger, PE, Principal Electrical Engineer for all the electrical development for this project. Additionally, Charlie Devine, senior staff engineer, and Atenas Reynaga, EIT, senior staff engineer, were integral forces in completing the construction plans. Now due to the hard work of all the teams involved this tank is in service ready to begin serving this ambitious development with healthy long-term sustainable water for many years to come. .