Atenas Reynaga

Staff Engineer – Monrovia

What have been some highlights of working at Civiltec over the last five years?

The relationships I have forged at Civiltec, that have become like my second family. The promotions I have received, inspiring me to continue my journey to success, and the Christmas parties that bring all offices together once a year.

Are there any particular projects that stand out to you as pivotal in your Civiltec career?

There are so many projects that it’s hard to isolate one in particular, but working on land development is really where I found my stride. I also enjoy working on transportation-related projects.

How has the company grown or changed since you first started?

Civiltec has been growing more and more since I started working here 5 years ago. I have seen more people joining the team in all three offices.

What about your personal growth – have your career goals evolved over the last five years with Civiltec?

I started working at Civiltec as a CAD Drafter while I was still getting my master’s degree at Cal Poly Pomona in 2015. Once I graduated, I became a Staff Engineer. I also obtained my EIT certification in 2019 and I’m currently studying for the PE Exam. My goal is to become a project manager in the near future.

Have you been cooking any special recipes lately?

My husband and I got really creative in the kitchen throughout the whole quarantine. We found really good and healthy recipes. He learned how to make the best hummus and I think I got really good at making healthy desserts, my favorite ones so far are lemon squares and ice cream!