David Song

David Song, P.E.

Principal, Senior Project Manager – Monrovia

Since becoming a partner in 2017, what have been some highlights of your work at Civiltec?

Becoming more involved in the business aspect of the firm has been really exciting for me. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of financials and operations, as well as taking on a greater staff mentorship role. Business development and human resources work were not part of the core project management work I did before becoming a partner, so getting to participate in those elements of the firm has allowed me to increase my expertise over the past four years.

What exciting things are going on in Civiltec’s Monrovia branch right now?

We just hired a new engineer, and interviews are ongoing to fill more open positions in our Monrovia office. We are thrilled to be expanding our team of engineers. On the project side, we recently kicked off a new well development project with Puente Basin Water Agency. It’s been great to get some of our staff involved with Puente Basin to further their career growth and experience. Another large contract that recently commenced is a design-build project for the City of Glendale in partnership with W.A. Rasic for a pipeline management program, replacing close to three miles of distribution pipeline in the City. This is a fast-paced project that we’re really excited to be involved in with a new partner.

How have you found ways to stay involved in your volunteer work in the current environment?

One way we’ve found to give back during this time is providing sack lunches for Union Station Homeless Services. We’re regularly involved at their Raymond Ave Pasadena site, where we serve the clients in person during normal operations. We also look forward to continuing our involvement with Habitats for Humanity to help build homes and manage renovations as soon as this work is able to resume.

What advice would you give to aspiring engineers or those just entering the field?

The biggest piece of advice I have for our younger staff is to always be inquisitive. I tell younger staff that no question is a dumb question. Don’t assume that you should know the answer; always approach a task or project with an open mind and a willingness to ask questions. That’s how you can build your knowledge and grow as an engineer.