Prescott ValleyBacked by a long history of partnering with the Town of Prescott Valley, Civiltec was recently contracted to deliver post-design services for the Legend Larry Well site. The project includes installation of the well submersible pump, as well as construction of the controls building and surface plumbing.

The Legend Larry Well had been drilled and cased as a part of the Town’s 2004 North Well Field project, but had never been equipped with a working pump. Civiltec’s design included the new well pump design, site electrical and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) controls, building, and relevant plumbing for connection to the 12″ connection main. Civiltec had designed the connection main as part of the original 2004 well. For this project, the team completed the design and bid phases of the Legend Larry project in December 2018 and kicked off the construction phase in early January 2019.

Civiltec’s post design services include general site and pump installation construction observations, requests for information (RFIs), submittal reviews, electrical and controls start up observations, as-built plans, and final Arizona Department of Environmental Quality approval to operate certification.

Richard Aldridge leads the team’s design and analysis efforts as the Project Manager. He is supported by Ray Buettner, Ken Davidson, Ben Tilman, and Jesse Tilman from the Prescott Office, as well as Sky Younger from the Peoria office.