Coconino County

Lucinda Andreani, the Deputy Public Works Director of Coconino County, recently reached out to share some good news. Thanks to flood mitigation work that Civiltec performed in the wake of the 2010 Schultz fire and subsequent flooding, the economic outlook of the area has improved significantly!

We’ll let Lucinda’s words do the talking:

“Dear Schultz Flood Team – I wanted to share with you that the Assessor’s Office did an analysis looking at the property values in the flood area. Basically the property values have gone up 46% since 2012 and this area gained the most value in the entire county over the same period. He notes below that they reversed the discounted values they instituted in 2010, which of course would not have occurred if the flooding had continued. Second, he notes that sales and sales values have risen significantly. I’ve heard this from residents but the full cash value validates that info.

This is a true testament to our team’s determination to have an impact. This is a real impact to people’s lives given that for most people their home is their greatest financial investment. Thank you again for contributing your hearts and souls to making this a true success story! And I miss seeing you every week, too! Fondly, Lucinda.”

Thank you to all the Civiltec team members who worked on this project. It is great to see our work changing lives!