CoconinoCoconino County, in Northern Arizona, stretches out over a land that is diverse, historic, and stunningly beautiful. Though the area is quite temperate compared to surrounding desert terrain, storms can bring intense flash floods and the department of Public Works is faced with unique challenges when it comes to keeping residents, and their property, safe.

In 2011, a study of the Schultz flood area in Coconino County found that over 300 homes were at high risk of experiencing fast moving water deeper than four feet. Another 120 properties were at risk of having to endure water 2 to 3 feet deep.

Coconino County currently has several projects underway to help reduce the threat of damaging floods. As a part of their effort, the county has engaged Civiltec Engineering for engineering management services.

In the north, along the Thames watershed, Civiltec is serving as project manager and providing construction observation services for the Brandis EWP Project. For the Wupatki Trails EWP Project, Civiltec is providing project management, construction administration and construction observation services including engineering of the off-forest measures. For the Campbell and Copeland EWP Projects, Civiltec is serving as the project manager, overseeing consulting engineers for both projects.

Chris Dusza and Rick Shroads have supported the County nearly from day one with addressing Schultz Flood issues and opportunities,” said Lucinda Andreani, Deputy Public Works Director of Coconino County. “Given Civiltec’s significant engineering, guideproject management and construction administration contributions, Civiltec is now managing the entire Schultz Flood Engineering Services, which involves managing numerous construction projects and engineering project services provided by numerous engineering firms.”

Civiltec is pleased to be a part of Coconino’s flood mitigation projects. For more information, residents and other interested parties are encouraged to download Coconino’s Flood Preparedness and Mitigation Guide.