Well 49 Equipping

Cucamonga Valley Water District (owner) Layne Christensen Company (client) 

Cucamonga Valley Water District (CVWD) serves a population of over 190,000 people within a 47-square-mile area, which includes approximately 48,000 water connections and 37,000 sewer connections with an average daily demand of approximately 47 million gallons per day. The following communities are within this service area: the City of Rancho Cucamonga, portions of Fontana, Ontario, Upland, and some unincorporated areas of San Bernardino County. Civiltec was tasked by Layne Christensen Company (Layne) to partner on a Design-Build to equip Well 49 to improve CVWD’s supply portfolio.

The site of the project is located within the City of Rancho Cucamonga. Rancho Cucamonga has a population of 174,450 persons with varying water demands. With a growing population at a rate of 0.33% annually and an increase of 0.98% since the most recent census, water demands have changed. Production of the existing well at the project site has been on a continued decline. In order to fix this deficiency in the system the previous well needs to be completely destroyed and then replaced. 

During our design efforts for the safe operation of the well, our team developed multiple recommendations that would produce a long-term budget-conscious and eco-friendly outcome for all parties. We discovered the need for a CVWD pump to waste drain line that would connect to the Rancho Cucamonga storm drain requiring multi-level communication between CVWD, Rancho Cucamonga, and Layne. This change was required due to the large volumes of water that would ultimately be expelled into city streets. Our team felt this was the best solution to prevent flooding the street. Our team began our work in January 2022 and completed the design in November 2022. The well became operational in March 2023. 

Our project manager, David Song, PE oversaw all the work done on this project along with the collaborative efforts of our team members Chris Duncan (survey manager), Alex Mairena, EIT (staff engineer), Atenas Reynaga, EIT (staff engineer), Sanjay K. Verma, PE (Sr. Project Engineer). He particularly enjoyed working on this project due to the collaborative nature of a design-build of this caliber. A great memory of this project was working with a former Civiltecian. Brian Sandona, a previous Civiltecian and fan of our Day at the Races is a Senior Engineer for Rancho Cucamonga. “It was a pleasure to work with him again. His involvement helped the City approval process fairly painless which is always a benefit.” Collaborative projects like this one working with multi agencies can be a challenge. Our relationships with each agency were a huge benefit in completing this project. Additionally, working on the project with Max Palmer, Area Manager, Perry McMahon, Project Manager, at Layne, and Tuan Truong, Project Manager, for CVWD, was particularly enjoyable. Each of them is great knowledgeable people and has “known them for over a decade.” says David Song.