City of PomonaThe City of Pomona recently contracted Civiltec to analyze the structure of two reservoirs and assess if either are in need of repairs. Built around the 1930s, Reservoirs 5A and 6 are due for a structural and seismic evaluation.

Both reservoirs are buried concrete tanks with 4.9 million-gallon (MG) capacity each. Reservoir 6 is critical to the City’s systems function: it stores water from primary points of supply from Pomona’s well field. After treatment, the water supply is introduced into the reservoir for subsequent pumping into the distributions system.

The project scope includes assessing the existing roof conditions at the reservoir sites, as well as recommending alternatives for repair or replacement and ensuring that all upgrades meet federal and local requirements. Moreover, the team will review two additional reservoirs – Reservoir 2C and 9 – to develop a capital improvement strategy for all of the City’s reservoir sites.

Currently, the reservoirs have a wood-framed roof that is supported by reinforced concrete columns. Civiltec may recommend replacing the wood with pitched aluminum material and seismically retrofitting the structures.

For this project, Shem Hawes leads the team’s analysis and design efforts as Project Manager. He is being supported by Bed Dawadi and Terry Kerger.

The team kicked off this project in June 2018. Final plans and specifications are scheduled to be completed by September 2018.