City of CovinaCiviltec has previously partnered with the nearby City of Covina on a number of projects in the past, including a reservoir district station and booster pump station as well as the City’s Urban Water Management Plan. Most recently, the City of Covina contracted the team of Civiltec and Raftelis, a financial analysis firm, to deliver a water master plan and water rate study.

The project involves reviewing the City’s existing water system and evaluating conditions. Civiltec’s observations and recommendations for repairs and upgrades will be compiled into a comprehensive master plan.

Civiltec will team with Raftelis for this effort. Raftelis is tasked with reviewing Covina’s current water rate structure alongside its finances in order to determine the most fair and effective rates moving forward.

Raftelis’ recommended changes to the rate structure will be integrated into the new water master plan. Combined, the two studies will result in a Capital Improvement Plan for Covina. The City will be able to view a list of proposed water projects that should be targeted in the next five, then ten years.

Greg Ripperger is leading the team’s analysis and design efforts as Project Manager, while Shem Hawes is serving as the Principal-in-Charge for the project. They are supported by David Prinzhorn, Gretel Ochoa, Atenas Reynaga, and Caitlyn Padilla.

Civiltec kicked off this project at the end of February 2018 and anticipates project completion at the end of the year.