Civiltec recently completed an extensive list of internal upgrades to its information technology software and procedures.

iStock_000033686704SmallThe IT committee formed last year included Andy Shroads, Octavio Solorza, Dan Busque, and Brian Sandona. The group was given the daunting task of getting all employees, at all three offices, working through the same server using cloud-based technologies, without interrupting the flow of work or the excellent service our clients have come to expect. The team worked withAdvanced Microcomputing Concepts (AMC), Civiltec’s IT Support Group, who executed the upgrades and conversions organized in-house.

While the changes visible to the outside world are modest (uniform email signatures and matching domains across the company), clients will benefit from our streamlined data centers and increased processing speeds. We have also increased our firewall capabilities, to ensure that Civiltec’s data is secure in an ever-increasingly online world.

So a big thank you to the Civiltec IT committee. It was no small task, but you managed to upgrade all of our systems, keeping us at the forefront of technology as move forward into 2014.