California American Water logoCalifornia America Water (CAW)’s Los Angeles District provides domestic water service and fire protection to three service areas in Los Angeles County. Civiltec has recently been contracted by CAW to perform rehabilitation improvements at the Garth Booster Pump Station–one of four booster stations in the Baldwin Hills service area–and the Scott Booster Pump Station–located in the Duarte service area.

The Garth Booster Pump Station withdraws water from an above-ground potable water storage tank, pumping water into a pressurized distribution system. The Pump Station contains three duty pumps, with measured discharge rates of 0.43 million gallons per day (mgd). The fourth existing pump has not been operational for many years. Civiltec plans to remove this pump, along with the existing discharge pressure control valve and piping, replacing it with a fixed-speed, high-capacity booster pump and new equipment.

Meanwhile, Civiltec will replace the Scott Booster Pump Station entirely, as CAW plans to retire the existing irrigation water supply system in the Duarte District. The Pump Station was recently improved in 2011 and underwent a Condition Based Assessment in 2013, which discovered several performance and efficiency issues. The scope of work for this project includes hydraulic analysis to incorporate the proposed Pump System into the CAW hydraulic model, as well as evaluation of the existing three pumps and other equipment.

C. Shem Hawes will serve as Principal-in-Charge of the Civiltec team, while David Song leads the day-to-day operations as Project Manager. They will be assisted by Terry Kerger as QA/QC Manager and Bed Dawadi as Design Team Leader. Additionally, Greg Ripperger will implement Hydraulic Analysis.

The two projects kicked off at the end of February 2017. Final plans and specifications for the Garth Booster Pump Station are scheduled to be delivered by November 2017, with completion of construction scheduled for October 2018. The final specifications for the Scott Booster Pump Station are scheduled for completion by September 2017 and construction will be completed in June 2018.