Bluff Street Treatment PlantSince 1973, the Pureflow Filtration Division of California Environmental Controls, Inc. has designed numerous Arsenic, Iron, Manganese, and Color-removal pressure filtration and water treatment systems. Civiltec Engineering has recently teamed up with Pureflow to upgrade a wellhead treatment facility at the Bluff Treatment Plant in the City of Norco.

The scope of work for this project involves expanding the facility’s existing 1,000 gallons per minute (gpm) Arsenic, Iron, and Manganese treatment system. The new system will be upgraded to 4,000 gpm and will be located on Bluff Street in the City of Norco.

Once the upgrade is complete, water generated during the backwash and rinse process will be stored in a recovery tank, while any solids separated from the process will be fluidized and metered for transport to an off-site disposal facility. Rinse and backwash water stored in the recovery tank will be recovered and utilized in the treatment process. The treated water will be discharged into the City’s distribution system, serving better quality drinking water to Norco’s 26,714 residents.

Civiltec will design basic facility and treatment system improvements at the treatment plant site, as well as piping configurations, modification of the backwash storage tanks and recovery pumping, and a sludge discharge connection. Further, the existing property will be improved with new treatment vessels, relocation of an existing booster pump, and demolition of the existing reaction vessel. The improvements will be coupled with the appropriate chemical dosing for arsenic, iron, and manganese removal and solids handling.

Shem Hawes is serving as Principal-in-Charge of this effort, while Bed Dawadi leads the day-to-day operations as Project Manager. They are being assisted by Amal Sedrak as Project Engineer. Gretel Ochoa and Charlie Devine additionally serve as Staff Engineers.

Civiltec kicked off this project in June 2017. Final designs and specifications are expected to be complete by March 2018.