Plant 58 Transmission Main Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans

Stormwater pollution prevention plans (SWPPP) are a way in which engineers develop plans to regulate construction sites and outline how the site will act in the event of stormwater runoff. The number one goal of these plans is to reduce pollutants carried by stormwater runoff into local waterways. This means things like animal waste, litter, motor oil from streets, litter, yard waste, fertilizers and pesticides filled with chemicals, roof waste, and eroded sediment from construction sites may contaminate lakes, rivers, or waterways with a number of different usages in everyday life. Not something the common everyday person thinks about when switching on the faucet. 

One client that has recently employed us to perform this service was San Gabriel Valley Water Company on their 24 Inch Transmission Main. The transmission main goes from Plant F58 to Plant F19 Access Road a total of 11,500 linear feet of 4-foot wide open trench and .36 acres of construction laydown area alongside Sierra and Riverside Avenues in Fontana and Rialto, California. Throughout construction, our team would inspect conditions on the site and secure ways to assure the avoidance of contaminants. This project’s construction is set to finish this month. The line will begin servicing the community with safe clean water. 

In addition to providing our SWPPP qualified practitioner and developer services, Civiltec prepared the design of the 24-inch pipeline. The team had to take into consideration the nuances of pipeline placement on a road that may be realigned considering future growth and changes to the current right-of-way conditions. With this in mind, Civiltec prepared the design for the pipeline alignment and placed the pipeline within the existing and very congested right-of-way. We also were sure to place it in the most optimal location considering the future right-of-way conditions.

The team consisted of our dynamic team of Shem Hawes, PE, Project Manager, Alec Escamilla, EIT, Atenas Reynaga, EIT, and Jorge Martinez. Great work keeping our sites clean and ensuring quality drinking water for all in the communities we serve!

Check out pictures from our site trip below!