WLC ArchitectsCiviltec has teamed with public agencies and private firms to deliver a variety of projects in both sectors. One such partner is WLC Architects. Civiltec and WLC began working together over 20 years ago; WLC is one of Civiltec’s oldest clients.

The two firms have completed hundreds of projects over the last two decades, including federal design-build projects, educational facilities, and religious facilities. With WLC serving as each project’s architect, Civiltec has successfully delivered a range of services, including field survey and topographic mapping in the first project phase as well as additional planning and design in later phases.

Having tackled both large and small projects – new construction and modernization – the team’s portfolio boasts new 60-acre plus high schools, new 20-acre middle schools, and more. Civiltec and WLC have delivered developments to school districts throughout southern California.

Octavio Solorza has led Civiltec’s design and analysis as Project Manager for each project with WLC. He has maintained Civiltec’s relationship with WLC over the years, which has led to greater trust and more success for both firms.

Currently, Civiltec and WLC are working together on a multi-school project for Palmdale Unified School District. The scope of work comprises of 19 existing school sites – sixteen elementary schools and three middle schools. Civiltec is responsible for providing field survey and topographic mapping for all of the sites, and will later complete planning and design for some of the schools.

The majority of the topographic mapping being prepared is based on field survey. In order to comply with an accelerated production schedule, aerial mapping is being employed to supplement the field survey for the sites with the larger scopes. Surveyors from Civiltec’s Prescott office has teamed with Western States Surveying to provide the field survey. Plotting of the information obtained from the field survey is being performed in Civiltec’s Monrovia office. The Don Reed Corporation is providing aerial mapping services.

Along with Octavio, Civiltec team members Atenas Reynaga and Dan Busque are providing support for this project. Atenas has previously focused on water resources projects; this work will expand her site development experience and amplify Civiltec’s overall skillset.

Civiltec and WLC began work on the Palmdale school projects in March 2018. The surveying work will be complete in early June 2018.