City of Victorville logoThe Victorville Water District, a subsidiary district of the City of Victorville, recently awarded Civiltec two new water infrastructure projects. Currently, the District produces potable water through 36 active groundwater wells and does not use surface or imported water. However, the District is planning to add 16,650 acre feet per year of Mojave Water Agency’s (MWA) Regional Recharge and Recovery (R3) water to the City of Victorville’s domestic water network.

This addition will provide a seasonal storage of imported water into the aquifer when sufficient imported water is available, which the District can then extract from during high-demand periods in dry years using groundwater wells. The imported water will be delivered to the District through three metering station turnout locations: T3, T5, and T6. Civiltec will design Metering Station Turnout #5 (T5), the largest of the turnouts.

T5 will be located within the existing public right-of-way near the intersection of Mesa Avenue and Amethyst Road. A new magnetic flowmeter control panel will be installed adjacent to the flowmeter masonry building and will be able to communicate with both MWA’s existing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, as well as Victorville’s SCADA system.

For the second water infrastructure project, Civiltec will design the Amethyst Road Water Pipeline. This pipeline will be approximately two miles of 24-inch piping, connecting T5 to the District’s pumping station at Sycamore Street and Amethyst Road. Once completed, the Amethyst Road pipeline will provide MWA R3 water to the City’s domestic water service.

David Song will lead the Civiltec team as Project Manager, responsible for overseeing the team’s design and analysis. Bed Dawadi and Sara Canché will assist him throughout the four project phases.

These projects were officially awarded to Civiltec in July 2017. The team plans to begin construction and implementation in August 2017.