The Little Pete Well is now online and in production for the Town of Prescott Valley. The well is located in the Town’s North Well Field and is the largest producer of the wells in the area. Little Pete was outfitted with a 500 horsepower turbine motor to pump up to 2500 GPM when in full production.

Civiltec was charged with the task to produce the construction plans for the new well pump, site controls, building, plumbing, electrical (on and off-site), site development, SCADA, and connection to the Town’s existing 12” water transmission main.  Civiltec also provided post design services, attended weekly construction meetings, reviewed contractor submittals, addressed RFIs and other comments during the construction of the well and provided all construction staking for the project.

The project was led by Civiltec’s team with Richard Aldridge, P.E., M.B.A. as the Project Manager and Project Engineer, Sky Younger, P.E. Electrical Engineering, Raymond Buettner, Senior Designer, Ken Davidson, RLS, Mapping and Easements, Ben Tillman, RLS, Survey and Construction Staking, and David Song, P.E., quality control. Since this well was is in the most northern portion of the Well Field, Civiltec also coordinated with the local power company, APS, to develop construction plans to bring power to the site from the existing source, approximately a half mile of 2 – 5” conduits.