Yavapai CountyWith two offices located in Arizona, Civiltec has worked with many of the state’s public agencies, including Yavapai County. The firm has completed a variety of projects for the County, ranging from highway safety improvements to an area drainage master study. Most recently, Yavapai County contracted Civiltec’s Prescott Manager, Richard Aldridge, to perform project reviews on behalf of the agency.

Richard has worked on all phases of various municipal projects. For this effort, he is utilizing his expertise to review water and/or sewer line extension projects under County jurisdiction. The submittals are from developers, other agencies, or other engineering companies that require review and approval of the water and sewer line construction components for Approval’s to Construct and Approval’s to Operate permitting by the County.

The State of Arizona has delegated review authority to Yavapai County for these types of projects, in order to lighten the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ)’s load. The ADEQ office is responsible for completing all relevant water, sewer, and other environmental quality reviews state-wide.

Richard will provide reviews for the Yavapai County Development Services department, Environmental Unit, in accordance with ADEQ requirements. Lisa Wells is providing administrative support.