San Gabriel Valley Water Company (SGVWC), in collaboration with State of California partners and under the Proposition 84 funding mechanism, has begun implementing plans to improve system and treatment capabilities at their Plant B6 site.

SGVWC 2SGVWC 1Civiltec Engineering, which has been at the forefront of water treatment innovation for more than 25 years, is leading the design and supporting construction of the new water treatment unit. The improved Plant B6 facility will focus on the removal of nitrates by utilizing nitrate-selective resins. This nitrate system employs an internal bypass and mixing system to economize and optimize plant operations to meet water quality requirements. The end result will be a treatment plant that not only meets the immediate goals of SGVWC, but also compliments the myriad unit processes currently employed at the Plant B6 facility.

The progress of this project has been expedited by funds allotted in the wake of the Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality and Supply, Flood Control, River and Coastal Protection Bond Act of 2006 (Proposition 84). The application of Proposition 84 funds is supporting more sustainable, cost-efficient treatment of groundwaters heavily impacted by contamination in the Main San Gabriel Basin.

Following a detailed analysis, including a life-cycle cost estimation, Civiltec has implemented a design that will improve water quality in the basin and capitalize on sustainable practices, minimizing resin waste through the use of onsite salt regeneration and blending. These benefits will be realized both in the short term, and over a longer time horizon.

The construction effort is expected to be completed in Spring of 2015. When finished, the project will enable SGVWC to produce upwards of 7800 gallons per minute of flow, while meeting rigorous water quality requirements.