Civiltec updates its Satellite Surveying CapabilitiesRecently, Civiltec invested in satellite driven surveying equipment that uses multiple satellite constellations for positioning on earth. These constellations include U.S. GPS satellites as well as three other countries and is known as the GNSS constellation. This enables Civiltec to have access to 78 satellites for exceptional coverage for our surveying applications resulting in increased accuracy and redundancy.

Civiltec has implemented the use of GNSS through a Realtime Network system which utilizes cell phone and internet streams to transmit relative positions from a system of continuously transmitting control stations which allows us to survey with sub-centimeter accuracy with one-person operating a roving receiver. This one-person operation coupled by the elimination of needing to set up another local base station leads to higher surveying productivity and reduced costs, which can be passed through to our clients.

In November, three of our Professional Land Surveyors attended a seminar in Phoenix where they were educated on the latest concepts of Realtime Network and Virtual Reference Station techniques. The main purpose of a Virtual Reference Station is to reduce the distance between the virtual reference station and the surveyor (operating a rover) thus more efficiently remove ionospheric and tropospheric errors than would exist when there are long distances between physical reference stations and rovers.

The Civiltec survey department continues to stay informed of new developments in our field in order to provide cost-effective, accurate and precise surveying methods. We realize the importance of providing accurate surveys as a basic foundation for all of our projects.