Last year, Civiltec Partner David Song volunteered at Union Station Homeless Services, a nonprofit organization part of a premier group of human services agencies in County of Los Angeles. In July 2018, David returned to USHS with Greg Ripperger, his family, and other members of the Civiltec team to sponsor the Adopt A Meal program.

“My family has been a long-time supporter of Union Station, especially their Family Center,” said Greg. “We really appreciate the support that they give to families and children in need. It was a great experience for my whole family to be able to serve, chat, and laugh with them. I hope everyone there enjoyed it as much as we did.”

“This was our first time sponsoring the Adopt A Meal program for Union Station,” said David. “We were served tacos, beans, salsa, and salad to clients that are part of the Family Center. Six members of the Civiltec family joined. We look forward to continuing to partner with Union Station in helping the community enjoy deliciously prepared meals. We want to thank Union Station for allowing us to be part of this special program!”