Civiltec delivered an updated Water Master Plan (WMP) for the City of La Verne’s water system, enabling the City to continue planning for the future and implement orderly improvements to the water system while providing residents with ongoing efficient, reliable drinking water service. Civiltec provided 5-year and 10-year capital improvement project lists for implementation over these time periods to ensure budgets can be set aside accurately. Due to analyses associated with the master planning, the City has already built a new chloramination trim station to promote consistent water quality in the water system. This report provides an update to the City’s 2010 WMP.

The City of La Verne owns and operates 132 miles of water mains and provides water service through more than 8,600 service connections on their water system, of which 92% are residential customers. The City uses both groundwater and imported water for its water supply. According to data provided by the City from 1986 to 2019, groundwater production remained rather constant while imported water delivery has increased to support demand. The groundwater ratio to imported water ratio changed from approximately 40%: 60% in 1986 to a 28%: 72% ratio in recent years. Since the beginning of the City’s water system operations, imported water has gradually replaced groundwater as the main water source of supply.

Civiltec assessed the City’s operating procedures and existing water infrastructure to provide updated recommendations for the City’s facilities. The study found that the 2010 WMP utilized data from that era led to overestimating projected water demands and build-out population. Water conservation has led to efficient water use and lower demands in the last decade. The City’s current water supply and storage capacities meet water usage demands. Civiltec outlined a variety of infrastructure improvement measures to anticipate changes in water demand and regulatory requirements for improved water delivery.

Civiltec’s Gretel Ochoa-Nhac, PE served as Deputy Project Manager and W. David Byrum, PE, the City’s Utility Engineer, as Project Manager and Principal-in-Charge.