City of Prescott Public Safety Drill Site

The City of Prescott called upon Civiltec to deliver a Drainage and Utilities Improvement Study (DUIS) for the City’s Public Safety Drill Grounds, which operate as training facilities for the City’s Fire and Police departments. 

The Public Safety Drill Grounds, located between the Prescott Transfer Station to the south and Prescott Police Department Firing Range to the north, needs various upgrades to address inadequate drainage, deteriorating roadways and out of service overhead lighting. 

Civiltec conducted an investigative study of the existing drainage, utilities and hardscape features, such as concrete slabs and paved surfaces, for the purpose of developing a phasing plan to upgrade the site’s safety and functionality.

The DUIS identified several recommended areas for enhancement, including:

  • Asphalt roadway and concrete slab improvements to accommodate the vehicles and equipment anticipated to use the facility
  • Grading and drainage enhancements to allow for positive site drainage and first flush stormwater capture
  • Overhead lighting improvements in the training field for personnel safety and anticipated future electrical requirements
  • Water and sewer system upgrades to enhance the water supply and to provide for sewer collection and conveyance to existing and/or new sewer line facilities
  • Interim septic system design and use recommendations

Richard Aldridge, PE, MBA  served as lead on the study.